Designing a Hyperscale Network

Over the last decade, hyperscale data center architects have consistently built out networks with orders of magnitude improvement in operating and cost metrics compared to traditional designs. Despite their scale, they take advantage of cost/performance improvements faster, and adopt new networking technologies earlier. They have been quietly outpacing the vendor community in innovation. Can aspects of their model be replicated by the rest of us? Absolutely Yes

While each hyperscale datacenter is unique, design patterns have emerged that are applicable to a broader audience of network architects. Hyperscale networking has attributes that are very attractive to any data center architect:

  • Commodity Switch Hardware: White-box or brite-box switch fabrics driving down cost and enabling more flexibility and choice.
  • SDN Software: Moving network intelligence into logically centralized “SDN Controllers” for management and control. Drives down management cost and increases access across the network.
  • Modern Data Center Designs: Enabling iterative innovation using Core and Pod designs in data center networking and centralized tool farms for monitoring infrastructure. Read the whitepaper on Tap & Tool Sharing.

For more information about Hyperscale Networking, download our whitepaper: Hyperscale Networking for All with Big Cloud Fabric

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